What Size Lacrosse Stick For A 7-Year-Old?

Choosing the right size lacrosse stick is crucial for a 7-year-old’s comfort, performance, and enjoyment of the game. A well-fitting stick allows for proper technique development, reduces the risk of injury, and ultimately fosters a love for the sport. This article provides a comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect size lacrosse stick for your young athlete.

As parents, coaches, or anyone involved in nurturing the passion for lacrosse in the next generation, the quest for the right equipment is a crucial step. Among the myriad choices, one question frequently arises: What size lacrosse stick is for a 7-year-old? It’s not just about handing them any stick; it’s about providing the tool that will foster their love for the game and facilitate skill development. Let’s delve into this essential aspect with a keen eye on ensuring a positive and empowering start for these budding athletes.

How Long Is A Lacrosse Stick?

Understanding the dimensions of a lacrosse stick is paramount when selecting the right size for a 7-year-old player. Lacrosse sticks vary in size based on position and age, influencing a player’s performance and comfort. In the upcoming sections, we’ll explore the intricate details of stick lengths, considering factors such as attack/midfield, defense, and goalie positions.

Lacrosse Stick Size Chart (With Head)

Lacrosse Stick Size Chart (With Head)

To simplify the process of selecting an appropriate stick length, a Lacrosse Stick Size Chart becomes a valuable tool. Categorized by age and height, this chart offers insights into ideal stick lengths for various positions. For a 7-year-old player, consulting this chart becomes the initial step in ensuring the perfect fit for their lacrosse journey.

How To Cut A Lacrosse Shaft?

While many youth lacrosse sticks come pre-cut, customization may be necessary for a perfect fit. The process involves careful measurement, marking, and cutting, ensuring the stick is tailored to the specific needs of a 7-year-old player. Safety measures, such as using a vise and sanding down jagged edges, guarantee a smooth and secure modification.

Attack / Midfield Stick Length For Youth

For young players engaged in attack and midfield positions, stick length plays a pivotal role in control and maneuverability. A tailored length, ranging from 38-42 inches for 4-7 year olds and 42-46 inches for 8-10 year olds, ensures these players can develop their skills with agility and precision.

Defense Stick Length For Youth

Defensive players have unique requirements, needing longer sticks for effective checking and clearing. The recommended lengths for 4-7 year olds range from 42-46 inches, providing a balance between defense and agility. For 8-10 year olds, sticks ranging from 46-50 inches offer the optimal combination of reach and control.

Goalie Stick Length For Youth

Although not commonly used by young children, understanding goalie stick lengths is crucial. The combined length ranges from 40-72 inches, accommodating variations based on the child’s height and personal preference. This ensures goalies can confidently guard their position with the right-sized stick.

Best Boys Youth Lacrosse Sticks

Choosing the right lacrosse stick for boys involves considering factors such as durability, weight, and pocket design. Some top options include the StringKing Complete Junior Boy’s Youth Lacrosse Stick, STX Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete Stick, TRUE Temper Youth Cadet Junior Boy’s Lacrosse Stick, and Warrior Burn Jr Plus Lacrosse Stick.

Best Girls Youth Lacrosse Sticks

Girls’ lacrosse sticks also offer a range of options to suit different preferences and playing styles. Notable choices include the Maverik Erupt ST Girls Beginner Stick, STX Lilly Beginner Lacrosse Stick, Brine Dynasty Warp Jr Girls Complete Lacrosse Stick, STX Lacrosse Fortress 100 Complete Stick, and STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Complete Stick.

Beginner Lacrosse Stick Buying Guide

When purchasing a lacrosse stick for a young player, considering factors like head shape, shaft length, stick weight, pocket type, and customer reviews becomes essential. A well-informed decision ensures the player has a stick that aligns with their skill level, preferences, and position.

Youth Lacrosse Stick Size Guide

The provided Lacrosse Stick Size Chart serves as a helpful guide, but additional considerations come into play. Measuring the child’s height, allowing them to hold different sticks, and consulting with coaches or salespersons ensure a comprehensive understanding of the optimal stick size for a 7-year-old.

When It Makes Sense To Upgrade From A Youth Lacrosse Stick

When It Makes Sense To Upgrade From A Youth Lacrosse Stick

As a young player grows and develops in the sport, there are instances where upgrading from a youth lacrosse stick becomes necessary. Factors such as growth spurts, changes in playing style, or the need for enhanced control and power may indicate it’s time for a new stick.

What Do Youth Girls Need To Play Lacrosse?

Girls playing lacrosse require specific equipment beyond the stick, including a lacrosse skirt or shorts with a built-in liner to protect them from the impact of the ball and stick. This additional gear ensures the safety and comfort of young female players during gameplay.

Girls Vs. Boys Sticks

Distinguishing between girls’ and boys’ lacrosse sticks involves understanding the variations in head shape, shaft length, stick weight, and pocket type. Tailoring the stick to the player’s gender ensures optimal performance and adherence to the rules and regulations of the respective game.

Head Shape

The head shape of a lacrosse stick significantly influences its performance. Players can choose from traditional, offset, or warp heads. Traditional heads offer a larger surface area for catching and passing, offset heads provide more leverage for shooting and checking, while warp heads combine elements of both for versatility.

Shaft Length

Referring to the Lacrosse Stick Size Chart aids in determining the appropriate shaft length. Shorter shafts offer better control for younger or smaller children, while longer shafts provide more reach and leverage for older or taller players. Choosing the right length contributes to overall stick maneuverability and player comfort.

Stick Weight

Understanding stick weight is crucial in enhancing a player’s experience. Lighter sticks are easier to handle for younger children, promoting better control, while heavier sticks offer more power for older children and experienced players. Balancing weight considerations ensures the stick aligns with the player’s strength and playing style.

Pocket Type

The type of pocket in a lacrosse stick influences ball control and responsiveness. Players can choose between soft mesh, ideal for beginners due to a larger catching surface and forgiveness, and hard mesh, offering a more responsive pocket suitable for experienced players. Traditional pockets provide a good all-around option for players of all skill levels.

Best Beginner Lacrosse Stick For Girls

Best Beginner Lacrosse Stick For Girls

Girls venturing into lacrosse benefit from specific beginner sticks designed for ease of use and skill development. Notable options include the Maverik Erupt ST Girls Beginner Stick, STX Lilly Beginner Lacrosse Stick, Brine Dynasty Warp Jr Girls Complete Lacrosse Stick, and STX Lacrosse Fortress 100 Complete Stick.


How do I know what size lacrosse stick to buy?

Measure your child’s height and refer to the age/height chart or consult their coach. Consider their position, individual needs, and stick length guidelines.

How long is a boys youth lacrosse stick?

Boys youth lacrosse stick length varies by position and age. Attack/Midfield sticks range from 38-46 inches, Defense sticks from 42-50 inches, while Goalie sticks are longer (40-72 inches combined).

How do I choose a lacrosse stick for beginners?

Consider your child’s age, height, position, and experience. Read online reviews, check the included size chart, and let them try different sticks to find the most comfortable fit.

What is the proper lacrosse stick length for kids?

Proper stick length depends on individual needs and position. Refer to the age/height chart for general guidelines:

  • Attack/Midfield: 4-7 years (38-42 inches), 8-10 years (42-46 inches)
  • Defense: 4-7 years (42-46 inches), 8-10 years (46-50 inches)

How do you size a lacrosse stick for youth girls?

Follow the same principle as boys, using the age/height chart for reference. Girls additionally need a lacrosse skirt or shorts with a built-in liner for protection.


In conclusion, selecting the right size lacrosse stick for a 7-year-old transcends being a mere choice – it’s a commitment to their development as players and enthusiasts. With each cut, adjustment, and upgrade, we pave the way for a tailored journey to lacrosse mastery. As parents, coaches, and advocates of the sport, let’s foster a love for lacrosse that echoes through every exhilarating play, forging memories that last a lifetime.

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