Where To Watch World Lacrosse Championship?

The world lacrosse championship is an international lacrosse tournament contested by national teams. It occurs every 4 years and determines the world champion in men’s and women’s field lacrosse. The championship features top talent and intense competition between lacrosse powerhouses like Canada and the United States. 

Looking to catch all the action of the World Lacrosse Championship? Wondering, Where to watch the World Lacrosse Championship? Discover the ultimate viewing guide and never miss a thrilling moment of this global sporting spectacle. 

The world lacrosse championship boasts heart-stopping action as nations clash on the lacrosse field. Fast paced and high scoring, these championship games feature determined athletes and talented teams vying to be crowned world champions. With growing worldwide participation in lacrosse, this tournament continues to expand in scale and excitement.

Coverage Available Television Networks

The world lacrosse championship will be broadcast on various television networks around the world. In Canada, TSN will provide comprehensive coverage as the host broadcaster. TSN has extensive experience broadcasting lacrosse, including NLL games and previous world championships. 

Viewers in the United States can watch tournament games on ESPN’s family of networks. As one of television’s premier sports broadcasters, ESPN will present live coverage and highlights shows each day. The championship is part of ESPN’s growing commitment to the sport of lacrosse.

Countries Broadcasting World Competition 

Countries Broadcasting World Competition 

The 2022 world lacrosse championship in Coquitlam will attract interest from fans globally. National broadcasters in several participating nations like the Iroquois Confederacy and Australia will televise games. This gives local fans easy access to cheer their national teams.

In addition, various international sports networks have purchased broadcast rights. Channels like Eurosport, Premier Sports Asia, Super Sport Africa and Sky Mexico will provide championship coverage across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

Streaming Options Watch Online Platforms

In addition to television broadcasts, the world lacrosse championship will stream digitally on several platforms for global online audiences. These include:

Platform Details
World Lacrosse Website Free live streaming and highlights
TSN Direct Canadian streaming requiring subscription
ESPN+ United States streaming with paid subscription
Premier Sports App Available in UK and Ireland for subscribers

The official World Lacrosse website will offer free online streaming worldwide. This provides digital access for lacrosse fans anywhere to tune into the action.

Scheduled Game Times Different Time Zones  

The world lacrosse championship takes place from June 28 to July 9. The games happen throughout each day in Coquitlam, Canada. This allows fans in different time zones to tune in at good times. The tournament starts at 2:00 PM local time on June 28. This first game between Iroquois and England happens in the early evening for European viewers. 

Scheduling works for both North American and worldwide fans.  Having games throughout the day lets more fans watch live. The time zone in Coquitlam is Pacific time. This means night games occur in the late afternoon in places like the UK. Daytime games also take place for Asian fans’ prime viewing hours. 

Defending Champion Teams Attempt Repeat

Canada enters as defending men’s and women’s champions after sweeping titles on home soil in 2018. The Canadian national programs will strive to replicate their past success on home turf and cement their dynasties. Periods in lacrosse matches are 4, 15-minute quarters with brief halftime and quarter breaks.

In the women’s field, Canada’s epic rivalry with the United States continues as both nations eye another showdown in the gold medal final. Since the inaugural women’s tournament in 2013, Canada and the U.S. have contested every championship game.  

Underdog Competitors Seek Upset Wins   

While Canada and the U.S. take centre stage as perennial powers, underdog nations hope to play spoiler. After breaking onto the scene with a bronze in 2018, Scotland returns seeking to reach the podium again and score some signature victories.

The Haudenosaunee Nationals also endeavour for major upsets. With silver medals to their name in both men’s and women’s, they have proven themselves capable of competing with and defeating lacrosse giants.

Key Players Superstars Carry Squads  

Any world championship features individual stars carrying their nations. Expect Canada’s offensive weapon Randy Staats or U.S. scoring ace Lyle Thompson to dominate. In the women’s game, American superstar Ally Kennedy or Canada’s dynamic Dakota Rocheleau may lead their respective countries in scoring.  

Beyond just points, lockdown defenders like Canada’s Brooke Brisson or elite goalies like England’s Fiona Hammond provide crucial contributions towards winning championships.

Host Nation Hopes Championship Success

Canada is the host nation for the 2022 championship. The tournament takes place in Coquitlam, British Columbia. When Canada last hosted in 2018, both the men and women won gold. Canada will try to use their home field advantage again to find more success. Huge cheering home crowds will motivate Canada’s teams. The host nation hopes their fans will intimidate opponents. 

Canada wants to repeat their historic double gold medal sweep this summer. The Canadian teams have trained hard all quadrennial for this opportunity. Canada sweeping the podium again would further their dynasties. It would cap off an excellent debut for lacrosse’s new national training centre in Coquitlam. 

Global Fanbase Tunes Worldwide Audiences   

Global Fanbase Tunes Worldwide Audiences   

Lacrosse enjoys a small but passionate and rapidly growing international following. The world championships will attract attention from fans worldwide thanks to the rising popularity of indoor box lacrosse and improving national team performances.  

Grassroots growth sees participation numbers and talent pools increasing globally. This expands the fanbase tuning into watch countries from Europe vying with traditional lacrosse hotbeds during the height of competition.

Expanding Sport Great Future Ahead

With the 2022 world lacrosse championship broadcast more widely than ever worldwide, the tournament provides great exposure helping fuel lacrosse’s growth. New fans tuning in for their first taste of the fastest game on two feet may soon join the community.

More nations than ever will compete this year. The increasing global participation promises an exciting future as developing programs close the gap on dominant lacrosse powers.


Where can I watch live lacrosse?

You can watch live lacrosse on television networks like ESPN, TSN, and various local sports channels, or stream it online on platforms such as NLL TV, the World Lacrosse website, and ESPN+.

Is there a World Cup for lacrosse?

Yes, the World Lacrosse Championship serves as the pinnacle international competition contested every 4 years to determine the world champion in both men’s and women’s field lacrosse.

How can I watch lacrosse on ESPN?

You can watch live and recorded lacrosse games and coverage on ESPN’s TV channels, or stream lacrosse programming on their website ESPN.com and sports streaming subscription service ESPN+.


The 2022 world lacrosse championship will be the most widely viewed ever. More countries than before have broadcasting rights. There are multiple television and online streaming options globally. Both loyal and new fans can easily access the games. Increased exposure aides lacrosse’s growth worldwide. 

Grassroots participation numbers rise each year in more nations. Developing programs close the gap at the highest level. Exciting competitions feature new contenders vying with traditional powers. The future looks bright for the rapidly expanding sport as the quadrennial showdown captivates audiences. More fans may soon join the passionate lacrosse community after their first taste of the thrilling world championship.

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